An Invitation to Pleasure – Jon Gosling

Jon Gosling
Jon Gosling

Jon sets off the festival with An Invitation to Pleasure.

Pleasure has been defined as “A feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.”  We have many associations with pleasure from the simple to the complex, exploring what sits behind our pleasure can be a revelation!  However being able to have pleasure is something we are born with and also something we develop as we experience life.  Sometimes we learn pleasure in dysfunctional ways such as addiction or unhelpful habits.  So the path of pleasure is not always straight forward!

The Pursuit of Pleasure Online Festival is an invitation to consider your existing somatic (body) to pleasure and to explore new possibilities.

This session is an invitation to explore your current relationship with pleasure in your body and if/how you want to expand into new possibilities.  We will do this with some written exercises and meditation so that you can use your discoveries to guide the sessions you attend during the festival and beyond it.

Please bring:

  • An open mind!
  • A pen and few sheets of paper
  • An object that gives you pleasure

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20:30 GMT - 22:00 GMT

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 10-Jul-20
  • Time: 15:30 UTC - 17:00 UTC