Alexandra Skoeld is a holistic sex and intimacy coach who works with individuals and couples online via zoom and face to face in Sydney. She is on a mission to empower men and women to feel great about themselves, embrace their sexuality and fantasies, uncover their true sexual potential and transform their lives. Alexandra was born and raised in Sweden and she brings a warm, positive, compassionate and non-judgmental approach to her sex education and coaching.


This workshop is for those who want to dip their toes into the world of kink and explore the pleasure that comes with surrender.  Learn the basics of how to explore and navigate this world safely with another.  Learn how to negotiate your own and other’s desires and how to set up a scene and create a safe play built up on trust, respect and care.

You do not need to have a partner to attend this workshop.

In this interactive workshop we are going to explore the senses so my invitation is to bring a scarf, blindfold or beanie. We will also cover that you don’t need fancy latex pants or a bag full of toys to explore kink or sensual play so please bring a metal fork with you as well. This event will be fully clothed and no nudity.