Alison Pilling is Sex Coach and writer. She’s the founder of Sex School for Grown Ups, and created The Sex Lectures in Manchester.  She started her Tantra journey at the late age of forty-nine, she’s spent the last 7 years in the world of conscious sexuality, subsequently training in Sexological Bodywork, Conscious Kink and The Wheel of Consent. Alison believes finding our desire, knowing what we want and how to ask for it is really tricky in a world where a lot of the ideas of what sex should be like are dominated by a view of ‘performance sexuality’ which limits us all. What Alison is interested in, is how we can have real intimacy and connection based on pleasure WE define, want and feel. Alison is keen to broaden the variety of what we do in our bedrooms to make pleasure real, fun and sensual.   She loves teaching people about sensual touch and the joys of personal and erotic freedom.

The Mood Moves Us

Feel like all your emotions are right on the surface these days? Or maybe stuck in your body wanting to be expressed? How can you be with yourself and allow whatever emotional state you’re in to move through you? To express all the emotions you’re feeling — the loss, grief, hope, fear, peace, rage, and anticipation?

Through the power of music, slow sensual movement and breath we will bring eros into our every mood to love, befriend, and nurture our feelings, even those we might label as negative. These feelings are life passing through us — moment by moment, breath by breath. Learn tools to hold and embrace your precious self, whichever moody visitor appears.