amy baker

Amy is a professional mediator, yoga & breath instructor, minister, and Somatica Institute-trained somatic sex coach. After over 20 years as a K-12 educator and administrator, 14 years of those also running an early learning lab based in inquiry and the scientific method from a strengths-based perspective, she came to Adult Education.

“Amy has a solid groundedness that allows those she works with to feel seen, heard, and at ease regardless of orientation, gender, or problem.”
She began studying stress & trauma in the adult male brain after a spate of boys’ and young men’s lives ended tragically—including her brother’s. She later conjured a curriculum for adults to better understand themselves as their own container and themselves in close or intimate relationship to other.

She has studied world religions & philosophies, law, economics, geography, history, psychology (neuro, developmental, abnormal, social/behavioral), sociology, neuroscience and neurochemistry, sexology & human sexuality, energy medicines, and Earth/Plant medicines—all of which she brings to the heart of her work with clients.

Her services include a comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities in all spheres of life. People may be single or partnered, sexually active or not. “The whole of my work is designed to leave people feeling more in alignment in Mind, Body, and Spirit, even when it’s really hard and results in endings. Yes, there is a spiritual component to all of my work because Spirit is one of our forgotten energy bodies,” she says.

IOBE: PLEASURE In-Our-Body Experiences

In this session, we will explore pleasure in our body experiences through learning about the attachment system.   We will explore the energies of embodiment vs disembodiment, particularly as it relates to work, play, sex, and pleasure. 

For so many people, lives are lived through a series of disconnected or disjointed events that take our attention away from being in THIS body, and being connected to ourselves and others. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to re-connect to their own bodies while learning about the Attachment System and Polarities as lenses through which we can begin to see the connections and patterns between our thoughts and behaviours and our connection or disconnection with Self & Other.