Tantrika. Muse. Poet. Yogini. Adventure Companion.

Your pleasure, my pleasure.. Pleasure in general has been my passion for quite some time. 

I have trained extensively in mindfulness, tantra, yoga, and somatic therapies. I’ve taught in corporations and at retreat centers. Highly educated, I have clients from high priestesses to celebrities.. My mission is to bring more joy, presence, medicine and magic to the lucky souls that come across my path. I’m here for change. I’m here for growth. I’m here for influential healing. 

Pleasure is just what the doctor ordered.

Birthing Your Reality Through the Power of Pleasure

In this session, we will use the power of our breath and voice to both clear the body and to move energy and also sounds that give permission to feel more pleasure, and use this to move energy through our body for more vitality and to manifest what we want to create in our lives.