Betty has had her hands on people professionally for over 40 years (some of it legal and some of it questionable). 30 years as a Chiropractor and then 15 years as a Sacred Intimate and certified Surrogate Partner. These days she trains other hands-on practitioners in consent skills and how to teach their clients empowered choice. She is a co-founder of The School of Consent and lives near Seattle WA.


Consent is way more fun than you think, and is the key to relational and erotic freedom. The more clear you are, the more fun you have.

It is more than permission. The Wheel of Consent shows you who is giving, who is receiving, when to be generous and when to be selfish and how to know the difference. It is a path to fun and integrity.

Then, for those who like to ‘geek out’ on these things, we look in-depth at the four quadrants of Receiving, Giving, Taking and Allowing – how they apply to touch and to your life, and how they set you free.