Cate is a practising Sex and Relationship Therapist, workshop leader and artist. She has been running workshops worldwide since 1998 on opening the heart and was the Dating Coach on Channel 4’s “The Undateables”. She is passionate about teaching the art of embodied communication which involves connecting words, breath, touch and the heart.

How to create the space for embodied communication!

This is a session to help couples/individuals to communicate gently and softly and come into harmony together. Individuals who join will be linked up with another person to do the bridging so you can join as an individual or pair.

Whatever your situation, this is a session to support you to deepen the love and connect with each other. Find the pleasure through embodied communication!

You are welcome to join me in a session to open up the love and create opportunities to slow down, breathe and appreciate each other. I will be teaching a method called Bridging which was developed by Hedy Schleifer (this is a video of Hedy speaking about The Bridge ). It will teach you how to calm your nervous systems and listen to each other with gentleness.

This is me talking about bridging