Charmain Berry

Since 2001, I have helped many hundreds of people overcome symptoms of distress with presentations often referred to with mental health such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, generalized anxiety, sexual dysfunction, sleep problems, post traumatic stress disorder, chronic fatigue, chronic illness and many other difficulties.  I also offer support and safe space for exploration of emerging spiritual experiences, personal expansion and growth towards fulfillment and remembrance of Self.  I do not generally use the terms that are synonymous with pathologizing the human experience and instead have a deep understanding that our emotions (no matter how painful or critical) are our guides, our allies and with the right tools, can be our vehicle to expansion and growth. Over the years I have been on a personal quest to find these tools for myself and for others and I am now here to share these teachings and treatments with everyone.I believe that through my journey I have trained in the most effective and holistically inclusive therapy models.  I particularly refer to EMDR, Internal Family Systems and Comprehensive Resource Model.   These latest developments in the field of psychology are a sign of our expanding consciousness and not only support relief from emotional distress, but open the doors to our fullest and highest potential.

Pleasure and the Psyche (Understanding Pleasure through the lens of the Internal Family Systems model)

 This talk is a brief introduction and exploration of pleasure through the lenses of the Internal Family Systems model and the concept of multiplicity. This psycho-spiritual model helps us to understand how the ‘ego’ is multiple in nature and is a self organising system inhabited by many managerial and wounded parts. In this talk I will ponder on the significance of these parts within the context of pleasure and will invite the audience to begin to learn how to meet with’ this inner world and particularly the parts of us that are the driving energies behind the pursuit of pleasure. This will be an informative and experiential sharing.