I’m Elara – a certified tantra massage practitioner and tantra teacher, a trained sexologist, somatic educator and reiki energy healer. I’m passionate about helping people to connect with themselves through the body and their energy rather than experiencing primarily through the conditioned mind.

I’m co-founder of Sacred Light Tantra, Sacred Light Community and The Pathways Studio, Manchester, UK and also a member of the teaching faculty at The Paths of Transformation.

I teach yearlong programmes in Tantra and Bio-Energetics together with Jon as well a yearlong programme of Transformational Tantra Massage, for those who want to expand their massage skills and/or would like to practice professionally.  For details see: www.transformationaltantramassage.co.uk


In this session Elara will take us through an integration of our journey over the last two days.  We will reflect on what we will take away from the festival and what our next steps are in The Pursuit of Pleasure.  

We finish the festival with celebration, gratitude, integration and reflection of our journey with pleasure over the weekend.