I’m a Psychosexual Somatics Therapist, Sex Educator and Women’s Sexual Empowerment Facilitator. I support people on complex life journeys to shift what’s stuck in their bodies and holding themselves back from living their full potential. I support incredible women, carrying hideous self-distortions as a result of our culture, or the residue of trauma, to remember who they really are and bring their deep empathic and intuitive gifts to the world. I teach adults to love and accept their sexuality and to have conscious conversations about it so we can all heal and grow together. I work 1 to 1 with private clients, facilitate an annual women’s group programme and teach where I can to inform trauma-informed approaches to engaging with sexuality and the body.

Rediscovering sexual pleasure in the female body - Emma K Harper

In this session, we will explore the environmental and cultural conditions that can impact those born in a female body:   In particular we will :

 • Explore how cultural conditions separate them from their bodies and how to work together to navigate their body back into a space where sexual connection and pleasure is truly possible.
• Understand the cultural environment that impacts their sexuality and how it becomes distorted.
• Understand common, conditioned female sexual behaviours that might serve to reduce connection and pleasure, and what to do about them in your sexual encounters
• Broaden your understanding of how to support yourself or your partner back into the body for improved sex
• Learn to track and support the nervous system towards arousal
• Understand the female body pathways to arousal and how to support their body to open at their own pace.
• Learn how to become a more supportive partner and better lover.