Hanna Angell


Hanna is a Sacred Sexuality practitioner and Intimacy & Pleasure Coach, with many years of experience, and brings her softness, aliveness, energy and desire to enable you to feel truly embodied, connected to life, in touch with your body, passion, heart and pleasure.

Her mission is to support, encourage and empower others in living open, authentic, conscious, impassioned and heart-centred lives.To discovering, loving and celebrating their magnificence and aliveness.

She currently lives in East Sussex and offers workshops, retreats and private sessions on Sexuality, Relationships, Pleasure and Intimacy in the UK, Europe and beyond.

FINDING THE PLEASURE IN your own Erotic Expression

In this workshop we will embody and reclaim our own unique eroticism and find the pleasure of being in permission with that aspect of ourself.  We will connect with our bodies and explore how we can create, discover and transform the power of our erotic energy as a source of transformation and abundant love, pleasure and joy.