After a successful scientific career in 2012 I became a certified Tantric educator, Relationship Coach and Massage Therapist. In 2014, I experienced the Biodynamic Breath and Trauma release system and June 2016 became a certified BBTRS practitioner. I have specialised in the field of somatic trauma release and with a compassionate non-judgemental attitude, I share this work both face to face and via Zoom in individual sessions and groups. 

Returning to feeling: Biodynamic Breathwork, releasing trauma from the body and opening our capacity to feel pleasure.

This session is for those who are interested in exploring the fundamentals of the autonomic nervous system in relation to trauma and how our responses to trauma have reduced our capacity to feel pleasure.

We will explore a gentle Biodynamic Breathwork journey through the body, incorporating movement and self-touch and being curious about what discoveries we make and how our capacity for pleasure is enhanced.