Matthew Bartolo is a Sex and Relationship Psychotherapist. He is the founder of Willingness Malta, a multi-disciplinary team working together to offer professional services related to family, sex and health. Matthew has presented at international and national conferences. He has taught and delivered talks to diverse professional organisations about the importance and way of dealing with sex and sexuality with clients/patients. Having worked with a lot of different organisations, he has learnt a lot about life’s challenges and how different people cope. Matthew has worked with asylum seekers, addicts, couples, children, LGBTIQ Community, and children in homes, amongst others. These people have all taught him a lot about life and what a difference counselling and a positive attitude can make. He takes sex education very seriously and has written booklets for both parents and children; and also produced radio and TV programs discussing sex and sexuality. His professional, yet informal way of approaching and discussing the subject makes it easy for listeners / viewers / professionals and parents to discuss the topic.

the female orgasm

The purpose of this presentation is to explain the female orgasm from the perspective