Roger has always preferred a multi-modal approach to life. He co-curated and directed the two very popular Sex Lectures series with Alison Pilling at The International Anthony Burgess Institute in Manchester. He has studied with and assisted Jan Day on her Living Tantra training courses. 

He has worked in mental health care as an Occupational Therapist, been a street juggler, was ordained as a Buddhist for many years, taught Meditation, has an art degree, and has been a director of the influential artist led Manifest Arts Festival in Manchester. He is training to be a 5 Rhythms Teacher (sadly on hold during Covid-19). 

His current lockdown projects are co-writing a children’s book and researching an article for publication on the American poet Allen Ginsberg. 

Many of the Sex Lectures talks are available on the YouTube Sex Lectures Channel – see link below.


A very warm welcome to The Pursuit of Pleasure Festival. 

Roger Bygott welcomes us with a whistle stop tour of the programme, pointing out some highlights and introduces some of our Festival presenters who will give you a taster of what is to come. 


The pleasure starts here, enjoy the pursuit!