What are our deepest, most authentic desires? The ones we are ashamed of, and which we keep secret for our lovers and often for ourselves? Those desires are the focus of Rosie’s work. How can we communicate about our sexy desires and boundaries without making it (too) uncomfortable? What can we discover in the areas of intimacy, kink and bdsm? And how do we safely go on such a journey?

Rosie combines techniques from bdsm with those from tantra and mindfulness. A magical mix that guarantees an exciting, emotional, and deep experience.

She has extensive experience working with people with different gender identities. Her view of sexuality has a queer angle.

In 2017 she was named Sex Worker of the Year during the annual Sexual Freedom Awards gala in London.

Being Your OWN Lover - The Pleasure of Devotion and Self-Nourishment

This workshop will give participants tools in creating a sacred space for themselves, in which they can approach the pleasure of self-nourishment through devotion to the self.