I’m Sian Johnson, founder of Creative Sexuality.
I help men to expand their capacity for body based confidence, pleasure and joy: to become better lovers and to experience deeper, more authentic relationships.

I am a professional, experienced Tantric Masseuse, Body worker, Sex Coach and Pleasure Educator. I bring together training in and experience of leading edge Tantra, Sexological Bodywork™, Surrogacy, Coaching, Counselling and Consent to help men to explore their sexual selves. I actively promote and live a sex positive, heart centered lifestyle and believe that every person has a fundamental right and need to explore and safely express their own unique erotic potential.

Sensual Pleasure for those in Male Bodies and Those Who Love Them

In this 2 hour workshop we will be breaking some of the taboos around pleasure and finding a broader definition of sex for men and those that identify as men.  We will explore different options for pleasure including touch to stimulate a deeper sensual experience and an opportunity to learn Lingam (genital) massage for your own self pleasure or for you to pleasure another.

All genders and genital configurations are welcome.

Please bring some lubrication and a phallic object with you and on which you can practice Lingam massage techniques. Practice on body parts, either as solo practice, or in one or more configurations of people are also very welcome.

The invitation is for all participant cameras to remain on but that they remain focussed on the upper body rather than actual genitals. Rather than a goal of orgasm or ejaculation, the focus will be on exploring a broader range of genital sensation and pleasure with perhaps some surprising results.